Vendor is Not Only in A Wedding

My graduation also has some vendor 🙂 even though they are not as much as a wedding.

First I want to review my kebaya vendor. It is Mbak Rini, Mode Boutique Sunan Giri.


I love the results. It meets my expectation. The bustier and kebaya fots me well. But the embroidery actually is a little too much at the neck. It should be no embroidery there. While the beads or payet is lovely. It makes the embroidery more prominent. I don’t know that the pyt will be that much 🙂 thank you Mbak Rini.

On the other side, I am very disappointed with the process. You have to call them regularly, make sure that they will make it on time. I can get this kebaya d-1 with effort of waiting for 2 hours in Sunan Giri.
Now, it is time for the make up vendor. Sari Liem is a professional make up artist. She has been a MUA for weddings, magazine photoshoot, and runways esp in Jakarta.

According to me, she is talented and she knows what she does. She will make you flawless without excessive foundation nor shading. She also uses some pre-treatment series which soothe your skin (this is what other MUA never gives me).

I really love all the time the make up is on. It is totally lightweight and comfy. Thank you Sari Liem 🙂


The hijab style is made by Mbak Ani from Sari Liem team. I love the results. She can make it not too much but voluming enough.

Thank you all my graduation vendors!!! Happy graduation everyone!! 🙂

First fitting should never let you down – Mode Boutique Sunan Giri

This is another new kebaya. I tried it with a shirt. Omg. Silly. Because the fitting room curtain is being washed. So I have to fit my kebaya this way.
It fit perfectly actually. But I have something in my mind. It tells me that the lace is not mine. Mine was rather peach in color. While this is gold and creme. So I am a bit shocked. All the sarong color of course are all gone wrong.
Besides of color, I am quite satisfied with the design. Wait for the next fitting 🙂



Mode Boutique
Sunan Giri
Kebaya-bordir-payet IDR 1.300k

Faculty Graduation Kebaya: Second Teaser ;)

Finally, it’s a wrap! My kebaya has been finished for its embellishments.
Now that I have to study hard for the national competence examination for fresh graduated doctors in Indonesia, I regretfully write this in a short post. I will tell you the details later. Enjoy! 😉



Kebaya: Designed for Graduation

inspiring kebaya design by anne avantie ifw 2012

Kebaya has transformed radically from its original one day bu day. It is getting more international-like and user-friendly.

I made one for my graduation later in September. It is inspired from the design above. I chose gold satin and semi french lace. I found them in Gomen Textile, Passer Baroe. Satin costs 40k/m, while semi french lace costs 275k/2,5m

gomwn textile address

I trusted this kebaya to Mode Boutique Sunan Giri, Jakarta. It costs 800k for kebaya, 350k for embroidery, and 400k for beads. It should be finished by first week of September. Hope it will fit me best!