Proses Identifikasi Korban Bencana #PrayForAirAsia

Teruntuk para penumpang dan awak pesawat #QZ8501 beserta keluarga. Semoga para korban mendapat tempat yang terbaik di sisi-Nya dan keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberikan kesabaran dan ketabahan.

Hilangnya pesawat #QZ8501Β  telah membuat hati masyarakat Indonesia terluka. Sebanyak 162 orang belum diketahui nasibnya secara pasti. Hari ini, beberapa jasad yang diduga sebagai korban kejadian ini, telah ditemukan. Apa saja proses yang dilalui dalam identifikasi jenazah korban massal dalam sebuah bencana? Berikut adalah tahapan yang dilakukan tim Disaster Victim Identification (DVI). Semoga artikel singkat ini bisa sedikit membantu memahami proses identifikasi korban.

Proses identifikasi jenazah dalam sebuah bencana dibagi menjadi empat fase.

1. Fase Scene

Fase scene (tempat kejadian) merupakan sebuah proses di mana pihak berwenang (tim DVI, penyidik, dan pihak pemerintah lain yang berkepentingan) menganalisis situasi yang diduga sebagai tempat kejadian. Mereka akan menentukan keamanan tempat tersebut bagi para penyelamat yang akan dikirim. SetelahΒ  tempat kejadian dinyatakan aman, para penyelamat dan investigator lain dapat memasuki wilayah tersebut.

2. Fase Post-mortem

Setelah jasad ditemukan dan dibawa ke tempat yang dipilih pihak berwenang/pemerintah, dilakukan pemeriksaan post-mortem. Pemeriksaan ini meliputi fotografi, sidik jari, radiologi (foto polos/x-ray), odontologi (ilmu gigi geligi), pengambilan sampel DNA, dan otopsi.

3. Fase Ante-mortem

Fase ini merupakan fase di mana keluarga dapat memberikan banyak bantuan kepada tim DVI. Petugas akan mewawancarai keluarga korban dan membuat laporan ante-mortem. Pertanyaan yang diajukan biasanya berupa deskripsi orang hilang, perhiasan, pakaian, atau barang pribadi lain yang mungkin korban bawa sebelum kejadian. Petugas dapat pula meminta izin untuk memeriksa barang-barang yang sering digunakan korban untuk mendapatkan profil DNA korban. Selain itu, keluarga juga biasanya diminta untuk memberikan sampel DNA sehingga mempermudah dalam mengetahui hubungan keluarga dengan korban. Detil mengenai korban (info medis dan riwayat perawatan gigi, termasuk nama/lokasi dokter/dokter gigi yang pernah dikunjungi) dapat membantu tim DVI.

4. Fase Rekonsiliasi

Fase ini meliputi pencocokkan data post-mortem dan ante-mortem untuk mengidentifikasi para korban. Bila tim DVI sudah yakin mengenai identitas satu orang, maka nama orang tersebut biasanya akan dicantumkan dalam Papan Identifikasi (Identification Board). Nama yang dapat dicantumkan di papan tersebut merupakan keputusan Coroner (atau pejabat berwenang). Jenazah akan diserahkan kepada keluarga bila semua korban telah diidentifikasi secara saksama. Semua usaha identifikasi ini tentu harus dilakukan dalam waktu sesegera mungkin.

Semoga informasi kecil ini dapat membantu keluarga memahami proses identifikasi korban. #PrayForAirAsia

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3rd Eastern Asia Dermatology Congress Delegates Supported by GARUDA INDONESIA

Sometimes, all you need is spontaneity.

I decided to post a throwback in this Fall 2014. I and my best-best-best friend, Tiffani, got into a great trip which began with spontaneity.

It all started around end of June, where we saw a calling for abstract from 3rd Eastern Asian Dermatology Congress (3rd EADC).

This congress was organized by three countries (South Korea, China, and Japan)/ It was going to be held in Jeju, South Korea. Since we both are interested in dermatology (AND SOUTH KOREA, surely), we were thinking about “How about a seminar-escape this year?” :p But, hey, wait, WHAT? The deadline was only a few days away! Oh no, could we make it?

So we were applying (in a rush, of course) for E-Poster Presentation for 3rd EADC by one of our tiny research regarding Leprosy. It was entitled “Leprosy Patients Characteristics in Tanah Laut, South Borneo, Indonesia: A Report from Remote Area”. The project was done when we were carrying our duty as Internship Doctor in Tanah Laut, South Borneo. Leprosy cases are frequently found there.

After around three weeks of waiting anxiously, we finally got an email. Ding! And it was from the 3rd EADC Committee!


WOOOOHOOOOO! Praise be to Allah. It was Ramadhan and this was one of its blessing, I guessed. So yes yes and yes, we are going to Jeju on September! But, still we have some worries regarding the travel expenses. Especially the airplane fare. 😦

After some online research, we got some tips that Garuda Indonesia, as Indonesian Best Airline (even one of World’s Best Airline) have a promotional program to help regarding “flying” for academic purposes, so we sent an email (containing sponsorship proposal and letter of recommendation) to Garuda Indonesia. We were shocked because we got a super quick response! We did some conversations over email. Thankfully, deals are closed! πŸ™‚

Next step, after we got the final contract regarding this sponsorship, we had to take the hard-copies of contract in Garuda Indonesia Marketing Communication & Sponsorships Office in Cengkareng. After that, we should go to Garuda Indonesia Gallery in Senayan City to acquire our tickets.

Long story short, here the day came! We were flying in a cozy 7-hours-flight carried by Garuda Indonesia. Thankfully, it was a night flight. So, we could take some rest during the long flight. Even though it was a long flight, it was really enjoyable because Garuda Indonesia provided in-flight entertainments. You can watch latest box office movies, listen to your favorite songs, or reading some traveler tips about your destination.

Are you tired of airplane meals? But Garuda Indonesia has delicious in-flight meals. We got our breakfast on-board. Unfortunately I didn’t take the pic. After some breakfast, we regained our energy for SELCA time!

Garuda Indonesia Cabin
Garuda Indonesia Cabin
Good morning fellas!
Tiffani: Good morning fellas!
Pillow faces!
My pillow faces!

The captain announced that we would arrive in Incheon Airport in a couple of minutes. So we prepared ourselves to be landed in our favorite country (second to Indonesia definitely), SOUTH KOREA here we come!

Selca (self camera) a.k.a selfie at Arrival Gate Incheon
Selca (self camera) a.k.a selfie at Arrival Gate Incheon. Thank you Garuda Indonesia for flying us safely!

Enough with the memorable flight! Now we are going to show you a peek of our seminar activities which were held in Jeju International Convention Center.

Are you ready for today's seminar?
Are you ready for today’s seminar?
Heading out to our e-poster lounge
Heading out to our e-poster lounge
Dermatologists from Bangladesh.
Dermatologists from Bangladesh
One of E-poster Lounges
One of E-poster Lounges
Turns out they are our teachers' colleague! Wow!
Turns out they are our teachers’ colleague! Wow!
OUR BEST TEACHER IN SOUTJ KOREA :D From left: me- dr. Suci - dr. Lee Hae Min - Prof. Chung Kee Yang - dr. Tiffani
OUR BEST TEACHER IN SOUTH KOREA!! We actually have met them back in 2012 in Yonsei University
From left: me- dr. Suci – dr. Lee Hae Min – Prof. Chung Kee Yang – dr. Tiffani
Hiro. Our BEST usher!
Hiro. Our BEST usher!
My first time praying facing directly to the sea
My first time praying facing directly to the sea
OUR BADGES! Designed by my brother!
OUR BADGES! Designed by my brother!

The seminar was held for three days. We got so many novel knowledge regarding dermatology. We were also very inspired by some speakers thus we became even more motivated to get into dermatology and venereology residency. We hoped we would turn into great dermatologists just like them. Thank you Garuda Indonesia for supporting us getting inspired by world-class people. Because we knew that you are a world-class airline πŸ™‚

Ps: I think I will update this post soon πŸ˜€

I am Back on Mother’s Day!

My mom beautifully sketched by my sister

And I am back on this beautiful Mother’s Day!

Here in Indonesia, people celebrate Mother’s Day on Dec 22nd. It is only 3 days apart from my actual mom’s birthday, which is Dec 19th. Lucky me I only got to buy present once kkkk~~ What kind of daughter am I?! 😈

Why I write again on this special day? Maybe I just want to share penny thoughts of mine about Mother.

From earliest morning today, everybody is posting their mom’s photos. Tweeting quotes about mothership. I was just a little curious about mom, so I googled it 😆

According to Google Uncle 😛, esp Google Books, this particular word has been quite constantly said from 18th century up to now. There is no peak or low season for this word. People say mother everyday.

As a noun, it is defined as a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. As a verb, it is defined to bring up a child with care and affection. Thus, I think Mom is a continuous and evolutionary process from the moment a woman got zygot implanted into her womb until forever. And also, i think, there shouldn’t be a term of bad mom. Because from the latter definition, we clearly saw “with care and affection”. Is there anything bad in “care and affection”?

Hence, I do believe every mother in this world is good. There is nothing bad of being mom. There maybe sometimes “lost mom”. But I sincerely believe it only lasts for a moment. They will turn back. At the right time. Fulfilling the definition of mom, again.

Once again, this post is just a mere debris. Soothing my sudden rush for writing. Thank you for listening me blabbering through this post πŸ™‚

And here is my favorite poem about mom for you. Maybe you want to send this to your mom? πŸ™‚
Happy Mother’s Day!

The angels, whispering to one another,
Can find, among their burning terms of love,
None so devotional as that of “Mother”
-To My Mother by Edgar Allan Poe

Today’s Journal: D’journal Coffee

This afternoon I went to a recently-opened coffee shop called Djournal Coffee. It is quite anticipated since it is managed by Ismaya Group which is well-known for its high-end dining specialties πŸ˜‰

Djournal Coffee Summarecon Serpong

I ordered an iced chocolate without whip and a slice of lychee&rose cake.
The iced chocolate is good. The sweetness is average. It is really good. While we compare it to starbuck’s, it is a bit sweeter and more “ice blended” consistency. Would I rebuy it? Yes. But since I am a lot into chocolate, maybe this opinion is too personal :p


Next one is the cake. I have never tried a rose cake before. So I have no comparison for this. The taste is actually good. And it is soft. However, I dont really like a dish to have a smell other than food-smell. Unfortunately, it has a rose scent. But i think this is just a personal preference. So, in conclusion, I really love the iced chocolate, but I wont choose this cake again.


Ismaya have always been trying their best on creating an ambience. There is no exception, including in Djournal Coffee. Djournal uses woody short chair, small coffee tables, some lamps, some sacks. Old country feeling. The ambience of “coffee time” is just delivered perfectly.

I love their creative team. Two things really grabbed my attention. First one is a box besides the cashier machine. The box says, “If you FEAR CHANGE, place it here.” I was just smiling a bit and thinking. This is just a new way of saying “place your donation here” :p

Second one is a big brain map about coffee in a big black chalkboard. I am sorry for bad photo. But this brain map is interesting. It explains coffee in many different ways. And it seems true :p

Overall, Ismaya have always been presenting something unexpectable yet extraordinary. Thus maybe I have always been anticipating every dining spot from them. Congratulation for opening Djournal Coffee, Ismaya! πŸ™‚

Djournal Coffee Facebook



Vendor is Not Only in A Wedding

My graduation also has some vendor πŸ™‚ even though they are not as much as a wedding.

First I want to review my kebaya vendor. It is Mbak Rini, Mode Boutique Sunan Giri.


I love the results. It meets my expectation. The bustier and kebaya fots me well. But the embroidery actually is a little too much at the neck. It should be no embroidery there. While the beads or payet is lovely. It makes the embroidery more prominent. I don’t know that the pyt will be that much πŸ™‚ thank you Mbak Rini.

On the other side, I am very disappointed with the process. You have to call them regularly, make sure that they will make it on time. I can get this kebaya d-1 with effort of waiting for 2 hours in Sunan Giri.
Now, it is time for the make up vendor. Sari Liem is a professional make up artist. She has been a MUA for weddings, magazine photoshoot, and runways esp in Jakarta.

According to me, she is talented and she knows what she does. She will make you flawless without excessive foundation nor shading. She also uses some pre-treatment series which soothe your skin (this is what other MUA never gives me).

I really love all the time the make up is on. It is totally lightweight and comfy. Thank you Sari Liem πŸ™‚


The hijab style is made by Mbak Ani from Sari Liem team. I love the results. She can make it not too much but voluming enough.

Thank you all my graduation vendors!!! Happy graduation everyone!! πŸ™‚

First fitting should never let you down – Mode Boutique Sunan Giri

This is another new kebaya. I tried it with a shirt. Omg. Silly. Because the fitting room curtain is being washed. So I have to fit my kebaya this way.
It fit perfectly actually. But I have something in my mind. It tells me that the lace is not mine. Mine was rather peach in color. While this is gold and creme. So I am a bit shocked. All the sarong color of course are all gone wrong.
Besides of color, I am quite satisfied with the design. Wait for the next fitting πŸ™‚



Mode Boutique
Sunan Giri
Kebaya-bordir-payet IDR 1.300k

Great Gift from My Great Aunt: Batik Tulis Cirebon

Assalamu ‘alaikum everyone. It has been almost a week post eid mubarak time. It is also time for “para pemudik” to return to this capital city, Jakarta. Bad news come first. Jakarta is soon going to be (back) full of traffic jam. Here comes the good news: many souvenirs follow “para pemudik” πŸ™‚


My kind aunt went to Cirebon and she give me this pretty Batik Tulis Cirebon. It is such a hand made batik fabric, drawn directly by the artist’s hand, not printed.
The fabric has a bold combination color: brown, peach, white. It also has uncommon pattern in batik: elephant & buildings. On top of all, I do really love this gift. FYI, this (only) costs 200k idr, while in store it sure will be tagged for 500k and up πŸ™‚

So, make sure you’ll come to visit some batik artists in Cirebon because they do have good prices! πŸ™‚