Long time no see. I could not keep up with blog lately. Too many things happened in between :p
This is just my excuse though.
So for several months I have been wandering around. I dont know. I just fell in love with culinary. So here I will share some for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

I visited UNION DELI with one of my bestfriend for an afternoon tea. Our brain needs a refreshment before some deadlines right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Surely we ordered the infamous RED VELVET PIE from this deli. Here it is!

Red Velvet Pie

This is unbelievably deeeeliiiiiciooouuss! I have never been fond of red velvet. BUT THIS IS AN EXCEPTION!!! 
The texture is a combination of cream with crunchies on top of that. I know that’s how a pie should be. But the taste is, I bet, it is beyond palatable for everyone. It is not too sweet, neither too sour. It is just perfectly balanced. The 50k you grabbed out of your pocket, is totally worthed this slice of pie!

My eyes (and tongue and stomach) was out of patience for our second order. OVOMALTINE PANNA COTTA.
By the time I visited, I’ve never seen its review. But yeah, the ovomaltine-hits struck me. So, yes I did order it.


And you know what? I have just realized that you do not need any review to taste it. The accident to taste this pannacotta, was a GIFT. The texture was puuurrrfect. Ovomaltine taste was not overwhelming. I cannot remember the exact price, but I think it is around 55k. Again I must give my salutation to UNION DELI

My overall rating for these dishes: 9/10!
The missing one point is a wish from me for any innovation UNION DELI will make in the future. Kkkkk~

Till we meet again!

Central Department Store Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia, East Mall
Phone: (+6221) 23580476

Opens from 10am to 10pm

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