What I Learn Most In 2014

I lost a lot this year.  Literally. Lost as in failing to win, lost as in be deprived. The remaining question is whether losing is bad or good for you?

This is New-Year-Eve and I am writing (YES W-R-I-T-I-N-G) this short-post while fireworks are blasting upon my rooftop. I love how good they look but I am not a fan of their sounds. Another NYE has come. It means 2014 has to close its chapter. This particular year has been one of my best teachers in life. What I learn most is about LOSING. This two-o-one-four is my second year practicing medicine as medical doctor. I have encountered some losing with patients. Have you ever been losing your patient? If yes, I have to tell you that we may lose the patient, but we must gain a conscience from it. A conscience that someone’s life may seem just “a body” for us, but could be priceless-slash-irreplaceable figure for his/her spouse, children, or relatives. Take a deep look into the family’s eyes. Learn how to “break” their hearts by the bad news we’re telling them. Feel it. Then promise yourself (including me myself :D) that you will not easily give up and lose your patient. We will work hardest in EVERY patient we meet. For some time, I think that what I learn from losing a patient, may be applicable for losing others. We may lose something, but we have to, no i mean, WE MUST gain a value from that incident. We have to build our conscience. We learn to break our hearts with our just-now-clearly-seen mistakes or weaknesses. In the end, we promise ourselves to give our best in order not to lose that thing, again, in the future. Last question: is losing bad or good for you? Happy New Year! 🙂

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